logo_sonerosOmar González-Alemán, a true master blender with a long history in the cigar making industry, and former manager of one of the oldest and most prestigious factories in Cuba La Corona is bringing the flavors, aromas and blends of the past to Soneros, his new creation. The brand came to life in collaboration with the Cubanacan Cigars family located in Estelí, Nicaragua. This premium brand has been in development for more than a year with carefully selected 5-year aged tobacco. The rich and oily Ecuador Maduro and Claro wrappers are from the best quality tobacco growers in Ecuador and the fillers from the best regions of Nicaragua, Jalapa, Esteli and Condega.
Despite the process being so costly and time consuming we guarantee consistency and availability. Securing the same blend each and every time is the key to success of any cigar maker. Each Soneros is a fine and rewarding smoke with notes of dark creamy chocolate, coffee and a toasty finish which remains on the palate.
Omar Gonzalez Aleman , comes from a family dedicated to the cultivation of Tobacco, starting with his paternal grandfather, his uncles and then finally his father, Miguel González Crespo. Born in 1926 on a tobacco farm , Miguel at the age of 9 participated in the planting and harvest of crops with his family. At 13 he was able to twist rudimentary the Tobacco leaves and smoked for pleasure as custom of the time. His son Omar, a child was also linked to the world of the tobacco harvest helping throughout the process. This knowledge, like the light of experience gained, allowed him to work in the most recognized cigar factories of Havana, Cuba . First on the famous (Partagas factory) for two years where he had the opportunity to meet major international figures linked to the cigar industry. He also participated in numerous events such as dinners, tastings, Festival del Habano and meetings with personalities of this world. He later moved to the also prestigious (La Corona Factory) as general manager. There he had direct participation in countless tastings cigar bands and limited editions that were sold in Cuba since 2002. Annually cooperated and actively participated in all aspects related to cigar events, including presentations in competitive events where drinks the sommeliers joined different brands of cigars, and measuring the quality of them.
For 10 years remained associated with both the best Cuban cigar rollers and staff dedicated to the production and marketing of Cuban cigars. Had working among others master blenders and rollers Rodolfo Tabuada and Jorge Luna. With them he learned important secrets of blending great flavors and then use them for recognized brands of cigars. On many occasions visited the Vegas of Pinar del Río with different foreign delegations and customers, having the privilege to taste with Alejandro Robaina first limited editions that were made in Cuba and listen to his own voice critic the quality of these. Gonzalez Aleman dedicated all his love, knowledge and attention to crafting the highest quality of cigars, always obtaining the best results that led him to be  nominated for (Hombre Habano) of the Year.